Happiness Dwells in the Soul

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Is Specific Training Required to Offer Oncology Massage as a Massage Therapist?

While the massage industry has the most oversight today it has ever seen, it is not typical for therapists to be trained in specific areas of massage such as oncology or lymphedema. It is up to the therapist to seek out training and become qualified in specialty areas like these. This requires the therapist to … Continue Reading

Sign That It is Time for a Massage Treatment

ANYTIME is a good time for a massage treatment! However, your body does give you a few hints as to when it could benefit from a massage the most. At mid-day, do you find yourself trying to stay awake? Are you working overtime on a big project and stress is high? Have you been so … Continue Reading

How Many Lymphatic Massage Treatments Does it Take to See Results?

The answer to this question depends on your physical condition when you start treatments, where you want to be physically, and your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Typically, after receiving a therapy done by a skilled Lymphatic Therapist you will notice positive changes in your body within 24-48 hours. However, how many treatments it … Continue Reading

Healing is Damage No Longer Controlling Our Lives

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Always Seek Balance

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