Is Specific Training Required to Offer Oncology Massage as a Massage Therapist?

While the massage industry has the most oversight today it has ever seen, it is not typical for therapists to be trained in specific areas of massage such as oncology or lymphedema. It is up to the therapist to seek out training and become qualified in specialty areas like these. This requires the therapist to … Continue Reading

How Many Lymphatic Massage Treatments Does it Take to See Results?

The answer to this question depends on your physical condition when you start treatments, where you want to be physically, and your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Typically, after receiving a therapy done by a skilled Lymphatic Therapist you will notice positive changes in your body within 24-48 hours. However, how many treatments it … Continue Reading

5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Oncology Massage Therapist

5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Oncology Massage Therapist For both cancer patients in treatment and those who are in remission, a good massage can be not only relaxing and invigorating, but also help you stay in tune with your body.  The positive benefits are endless, as I saw first-hand with my sister. However, … Continue Reading

Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients Massage can make your cancer journey easier… but not just any massage, an oncology massage. Many of the body’s responses to cancer and cancer treatment require changes to massage therapy. If you are currently receiving treatment or have ever received treatment for cancer in your life, the safest way for … Continue Reading