How Many Lymphatic Massage Treatments Does it Take to See Results?

The answer to this question depends on your physical condition when you start treatments, where you want to be physically, and your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Typically, after receiving a therapy done by a skilled Lymphatic Therapist you will notice positive changes in your body within 24-48 hours. However, how many treatments it will take to see lasting results and address your condition is unique to you.

A surgery patient may require more frequent sessions over several months  to achieve full benefits and heal expeditiously. Surgery patients who precede any surgery with a pre-surgery lymphatic massage treatment typically see the greatest benefit right off the bat.

A patient who is tired, run-down, stressed from life, or just needs a system recharge can usually find relief and be back on track with no more than four sessions.

Those looking to detox their system for weight-loss or PH-balance will find lymphatic massage therapy a great way to help promote their health and wellness. Usually four treatment sessions will have you on the right track. Maintaining that function will depend on you and it may be wise to schedule a session two months later to check back and maintain the balance.

Oncology patients undergoing treatment are addressed where they are at in their treatment and what concerns need to be configured into the care protocol. Because of the many varying issues, it is most beneficial for these patients to see a massage therapist who has additional certified training in Oncology Massage and education as a certified lymphedema therapist. A well-trained therapist will do a complete intake, know the patients’ current condition and treatments and discuss with the patient care protocols that can work best for them. Keeping in mind the sooner skilled lymphedema massage therapy is started the better the overall end results. Due to patient condition or medical treatment, there maybe times when this therapy is suspended briefly and restarted. If you are an Oncology patient, ask questions and be sure to connect with a qualified professional.

Lymphedema patients and those who have a tendency towards edema or inflammation will often find it beneficial to make it a regular part of their care system and schedule a session every month.

I advise my high activity, healthy clients to consider getting a lymphatic massage on a year round basis using the change of each season as a guide. Two to four sessions, preferably all within a month is what is needed to recharge and balance the system keeping it at optimal function. This regular schedule aids in keeping the immune system ready to fight off the barrage of annoying viral infections that are present in our daily lives.

Whatever your physical condition, receiving a Lymphatic massage done by a trained therapist will provide the recipient with a relaxing, soothing, hypnotic treatment that works on a deep level to reconnect the body’s function. Find out for yourself just how great you can feel.

Call today and let us help get you back to wellness.

–  Anita Bakke, LMT, CDT