Sign That It is Time for a Massage Treatment

ANYTIME is a good time for a massage treatment!

However, your body does give you a few hints as to when it could benefit from a massage the most.

At mid-day, do you find yourself trying to stay awake? Are you working overtime on a big project and stress is high? Have you been so busy that there has been no time for regular exercise or proper diet? Are you not sleeping well and getting at least 8 hours of rest a night? Any of these many be clues that your body is signaling it is already in a danger zone and needs a refresh.

When your body is screaming for a reset and you are instead filling it with medication to stop the discomfort or get a night’s sleep, you are more often than not, adding to the issues instead of addressing them, while lowering your vital bodily defense system in the process.

Lymphatic drainage massage is one of the key things you can do to help your body help itself. The lymphatic system’s main function is to fight infection while filtering toxins and foreign materials in the body. When a threat to the body exists, the lymph increases production of infection-fighting white blood cells and more fluid is moved through the system. A degraded system finds it difficult to process this overload and more issues present themselves. Lymphatic massage also helps the body heal more quick from a cold or shake off fatigue.

Finding a trained professional lymphatic massage therapist will provide you with a relaxing massage that is targeted to your needs. At Fluid Factor you will also get information on self-care and ways to keep the system operating at optimum function.

Listen to your body and identify the ways your body tells you that it’s time for a relaxing, refreshing massage.

–Anita Bakke, LMT, CDT