“Just a brief note to let you know of my experience with Anita. I have had previous lymphatic massages before, but was very impressed with the one I had with Anita. She is extremely caring and knowledgeable. She takes the time to let you know what she is going to do next and why. This massage was one of the best I have had and I had positive results the next morning! I highly recommend her treatment and can not wait to book my next one. “

Donna V.

“On my visit, I was self conscious and unsure of what to expect. Anita just started talking and being herself, and I was immediately put at ease. Before I knew it, the session was over. Anita not only has magic massage hands, she has a calming way about her. I would recommend her to all my friends.”

Cathy C.

“I went to see Anita because of scar tissue build up in my breast following a reduction surgery. The atmosphere at Fluid Factor is very comfortable and inviting and I immediately felt relaxed. The lymphatic drainage treatment that I received from Anita not only felt wonderful but was very effective. As the day progressed, I started feeling rejuvenated which was totally unexpected. It is too early to tell if there is any change in my scar tissue but I am very encouraged and I intend to continue with the treatments.”

Peggy S.

“Anita was referred by my Surgeon to reduce swelling after facial surgery. Her lymphatic massages are therapeutic, relaxing, rejuvenating, and drastically reduced post surgery swelling and scarring. The time spent with Anita was the highlight of my week. I highly recommend her services as her caring, calm demeanor coupled with her thorough knowledge of massage techniques that hasten healing makes her the ideal choice.”

Diane B.

“Anita has literally been a God-send.  I have been dealing with some mysterious swelling that lead me to seek out lymphatic care. I have now had six treatments with Anita – she is gentle, kind, warm, and listens to my concerns. I can tell from the research she does before my treatments that she truly cares about my health and assisting me to feel better.   She takes thorough notes and remembers specifics about my body without me having to remind her.  She is a true professional and I’m so thankful that I found her and Fluid Factor!”

Kristine D.

“While I’m not normally a massage devotee, we were in Arizona recently and my husband convinced me to go for what he calls a ‘healing massage’ at the Fluid Factor. For those old enough to relate, I told Anita at the end of my 90-minute session that in the words of Lawrence Welk it was ‘wunnerful wunnerful.’ Her office atmosphere is serene, inviting and very professional, and Anita has a genuine caring personality and a healing touch (with none of that painful deep tissue stuff). We will be returning to Arizona in October for a short stay and I’m already looking forward to another visit to the Fluid Factor.”

Pam S.

“This snowbird just spent a month in Arizona and while there, had several massages at the recently opened Fluid Factor.  There is no facility like this in my home state of Illinois, where I regularly have massages to relieve some of my old-age aches and pains.   Additionally, I am a cancer survivor and no massage I ever had can compare.  Anita is extremely knowledgeable in this particular type of massage therapy and showed great concern for my health background and expectations in individualizing my therapy.”

Fred S.

“As someone who was unfamiliar of what to expect from a lymphatic massage I was exceptionally pleased. After my initial consultation and meeting with Anita, I was left feeling welcomed and relaxed in her presence. Anita spent the extra time to not only listen to my concerns, but understand them as well. In the beginning of the massage I was introduced and explained the different techniques and benefits of each. Once Anita had briefed me she understood that I was there to leave the hustle and bustle of life, which allowed me to drift off into my own place. Anita’s passion and extensive knowledge shows in her technique and I will continue to experience Fluid Factor.”

Lauren M.